Minggu, 27 September 2009

Asian Top Models

Du Juan
Tambah Video Liu Wen
Laksmi Menon

Tao Okomoto

Kamis, 10 September 2009

London Style

That strange Union Jack wall rug or what ever it's called appealed to me for some unknown reason. Since buying that book, I have been very into all kinds of Union Jack themed things. It's actually very strange, as I a) don't like flags b) don't like blue c) don't like red and d) dislike most of wall rugs I've ever

reality, I think this has to have something to do with my unbearable desire to travel. I've been in London for few times and love the city. But I would also be very happy to travel anywhere else too.

Vogue Vintage

Vintage vogue so really cool.... i love it


Karen Mulder,Helena christenseen,Tyra banks,Stephanie seymour.

Rabu, 09 September 2009

MENS FOLIO indonesia july/august

Black and white anniversary 2nd edition

Selasa, 08 September 2009

FHM indonesia September fashion issue

Play with Red....

Senin, 07 September 2009

Jerry Fu

Talented chinesse male models

Food Stylist

Minggu, 06 September 2009

departmentstoreparis.printemps.com published: Fall/Winter 2009

Amazing .....

Black and White Bedroom

This so awsome black paint wall combination with white bed and 2 table white mirror with parquette.


I like this camp

Fashion Spread For ELLE INDONESIA on June Edition

Beauty shoot for ELLE INDONESIA release on May



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